Created by Pangaea Data Limited

Pangaea provides a machine learning based software product for automating mandatory but currently manual processes for organising (harmonising and classifying) biomedical data in the specific contexts (such as a disease area). This product has applications in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Healthcare organisations and helps end users such as scientists, clinicians and researchers with little or no IT experience to find 'what data exists' and execute their analysis from a single web portal regardless of underlying tools and applications. Such automation and capabilities increase the speed and accuracy of the overarching scientific research and clinical diagnosis by at least 75%, and reduces the risk of errors observed through current manual means. Below are some of the use cases from the life sciences sector, which Pangaea can help with.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Through Pangaea's automation and output, organisations are able to accelerate their scientific pursuits. This includes querying different data types, identifying biomarkers and characteristics of significance across clinical trial data sets and predicting cohorts of patients suitable for a candidate drugs.

Healthcare Organizations

Pangaea's product also helps accelerate clinical pursuits such as determining the best therapy for patients (Precision/ Personalised Medicine), measuring healthcare outcomes and identifying cohorts of patients for clinical trials.

Data Providers

Pangaea's product provides an opportunity to data providers to work collaboratively with prospective consumers of their data, without the need of additional investment in organising their data to make it meaningful. Where such data providers include government entities, an increased number of collaborations with industry helps them get faster access to new therapies at cheaper prices thereby enabling affordable and accessible healthcare on a large scale.